Lola (My Love)

Written by L. Buckingham

Yeah....mmm Lola my love Sure knows how to treat her man Lola my love She does everything a woman can When I come home, one thing on my mind She knows just what I'm lookin' for And in the morning after I say "Lola you sure can love, yeah" Lola, Lola, Lo, Lo, Lo Lola, Lola, Lo, Lo, Lo Oh, yeah Yeah....mmm Waddy Wachtel

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Lindsey is never shy about singing about sex - Slow Dancing, anyone? Here he sings about how much he appreciates a woman who "knows how to please her man," especially since there's only "one thing" on his mind. Gee, what could that be? "Lola" sounds like Lindsey's fantasy woman - she's ready, willing, and able to pleasure her man whenever he's got lovin' on his mind. She knows every trick in the book and leaves her man satisfied. Heck, she's EVERY man's fantasy woman! Stevie has said that Lindsey never wrote her love songs, but I guess he has the "lust" songs down! Oh, by the way, the "Waddy Wachtel" reference is to the guitar player who does the part at the end. Waddy STILL tours with Stevie!


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