Written by L. Buckingham





Live version appears on One Man Show (2012)

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

I love this song! It's so beautiful! Legend has it Stevie suggested that he name it after her, but I still think it was a very romantic gesture. To me, the guitar sound is very pure, and that's how I think their love started out in this time when all they had was each other.


LANCE speculates:

At the time that this beautiful piece was written, I can imagine Lindsey on a sleepless night with his acoustic guitar recording with that Ampex 4 track machine...just noodling around and over dubbing guitar tracks with thoughts of Stevie expressed as guitar parts...what would eventually come to be known as "Stephanie". If you listen closely to the song, there is more than one guitar track--I can hear at least three--and a low, soft and mellow lead guitar bit can be heard (sounds almost like a country slide steel guitar) underneath the second theme of the song. A wonderful exhibit of Lindsey's musical craftmanship.


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