No Questions Asked

Written by S. Nicks 

When I see him, I feel him There's an intenseness In him, in his eyes He wants me to be with him He wants me with him now She just seems to be missing How could that happen anyhow? So how can you say Well, I don't know what love is? You haven't and you have no time for it You feel completely indifferent You feel pushed up against the wall And then one day it just almost goes away You spend lots of time alone Sometimes you spend years And you miss those arms That used to go around you Night after night, no questions asked Who cares, the cold wind of it all, every time Well, it's hard to be civil And it's real hard to be nice But you did it, my love, every time So how can you say Well, I can't see you? Not now, not tomorrow Not until it's right Not until neither of us is pushed up against the wall I don't know, the cold wind doesn't get you anymore So today, she says, well, I changed my mind That's a woman's right, they say Well, I'm frightened and I'm lost And I can't give you up Not now I need you now I'm broken-hearted I broke down like a little girl Well, I need you now Well, I'm broken-hearted Well, I broke down like a little girl I need you now No questions asked Well, I broke down like a little girl Need you now No questions asked I broke down like a little girl Need you now No questions asked Ooh, I broke down like a little girl Like a little girl Like a little girl Like a little girl...


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song has a really catchy beat, very pop, and at first you don't notice how sad it really is. This album is the first FM one that Stevie had ever finished without Lindsey, and I think this song really spells out how their relationship stood at the time. Stevie starts out in the past, talking about how badly Lindsey wanted her when she left him and yet she remained "missing."

Then, things change. Lindsey is spending time alone, away from her, away from the group, feeling "completely indifferent". That love he once had for Stevie has turned into something else. There's still one thing between them, though - sex. He DOES miss that - the "arms that used to go around you, night after night, no questions asked." He may think Stevie doesn't know what love is, but "who cares?" The sex is great - "the cold wind," it's still there - "every time." She still wants that - "no questions asked," no strings attached.

However, then he leaves the band. Stevie has said that she hadn't really considered them as broken up until then. Now he says that's it, no more of him, and no more sex, either. She can't see him....that "cold wind doesn't get [him] anymore." Physical desire is no longer sufficient to keep him tied to her. Once she realizes that she's lost him in every way - musically, physically - she really starts feeling his loss. And that's when she "changes her mind." Now SHE wants HIM back. She has finally realized how much she needs him, but it's too late. She winds up crying, "broken-hearted," desperate to get him back, even if just for a night of passion, "no questions asked." But by this time Lindsey has had it - "Frankly, Stevie, I don't give a damn."

I think this goes with what Stevie herself says in an interview: "'No Questions Asked' is about a girl in a relationship where she decides that because of the circumstances surrounding the man, she can't deal with it anymore, so she doesn't want to see him again AT ALL - 'Not now, not tomorrow, not until it's right.' Um, and it's the story of how she changes her mind, and at the end she says, uh, 'So today, she says, I changed my mind/That's a woman's right they say/I'm frightened and I'm lost and I can't give you up/Not now/I need you now'. So she completely goes 'round the say at first, you know, my morals say I can't do this, and at the end her heart says, 'I have to do this.'"

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