Hot Summer Nights

Written & Sung: W. Egan; Guitar and Backup Vocals: L. Buckingham

There was a time, not too far gone When I was changed by just a song On the radio, in my car The pounding electric guitar Then the time came to make our stand We started up a four-piece band And the heat felt like spotlights In the heart of a hot summer night, yeah Hot summer nights Hot summer nights Return with me to when times were best We were friends that could pass any test We shared our hopes, our dreams, and our goals And the fundamental roll As we sang in the hot, dark rooms Happy just to play our tunes We felt good when we did it right We felt good on a hot summer night, yeah Hot summer nights Hot summer nights, yeah So it lives, and it always will Those songs we sung are in us still Ringing out with all their might In the heart of a hot summer night, yeah Hot summer nights Hot summer nights, yeah


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

For some reason, this song reminds me of Dire Straits' "Sultans of Swing," though the two melodies are very different. Something about the overall feel of the song, I guess. I do like this song, especially the thumpin' bass guitar - and the "pounding electric guitar" isn't bad either! As for the lyrics, these are fun for us Stevie/Lindsey fans because they very easily could apply to them. When he talks about his "friends that [...] shared [...] the fundamental roll," he is almost certainly including Stevie and Lindsey in that category, as they were very involved in it - especially Lindsey. That same principal applies throughout as he talks about singing in the hot studios and feeling "good when we did it right." Thus, the song is interesting on several levels!


VICTORIA speculates:

My interpretation of this song is that it refers to the early days of The Malibooz (a theory that could be supported by the version of this song that appears on Malibooz Rule). Being "changed by just a song" could perhaps refer to hearing The Beach Boys or Jan and Dean for the first time. The Malibooz originated from Manhattan, so it is somewhat doubtful that there was much of a local surf scene. As for being "friends that could pass any test" that line most likely refers to fellow founding member John Zambetti. These two have been playing together for a very long time (at least since the '60s) and a new Malibooz album (Beach Access) was just released in 2002. (Check out for more info on or to order this and other Malibooz recordings) "Those songs we sung are in us still" - The influence of the surf sound still lingers in the music of Walter Egan's solo efforts and his continued involvement with the Malibooz would support this as well. Sorry, but I find it very hard to believe that this song has anything to do with Lindsey and Stevie.


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