The Farmer's Daughter 

 Written by Brian Wilson; Sung by L. Buckingham, C. McVie, and S. Nicks

I do come from miles away Ain't got no place to stay Glad to help you plow your fields Farmer's daughter Might be just a couple of days Clean up, rest, and be on my way Thank you, and I'm much obliged Farmer's daughter Oooh.... Ooooh... So long, got to leave your land Many thanks, it was mighty grand I do hope to see you again Farmer's daughter Farmer's daughter Farmer's daughter Farmer's daughter Farmer's daughter

Rough outtake version appears on the Tusk Reissue (2004)


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Not much to say here. Christine was dating Dennis Wilson, a Beach Boy, and they used one of the Beach Boys' songs to show off their own harmonies. All three - Christine, Lindsey, and Stevie - harmonize on this one. They do it very well, but it's quite a departure from the type of music they usually make and I think it was just a good gimmick for a live show. Not my favorite, but it's not that bad.


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