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Thanks to Javier Pacheco, formerly of Fritz, for permission to post these songs.

Born to Be Wild (Live)

Empty Shell (Live)

Flames of Frustration (Live)


Buckingham Nicks

Thanks to Tom Moncrieff, former bassist for Buckingham Nicks, for the high quality of these mixes.

Crying in the Night


Without a Leg to Stand On


Long Distance Winner

Don't Let Me Down Again


Races Are Run

Lola My Love

Frozen Love

Download CD cover artwork for the Buckingham Nicks album here.


Crying in the Night (Electric Guitar Single Mix)

Twisted (Twister Soundtrack 1996)


Designs of Love ("That's Alright" Demo)

Nomad ("Candlebright" Demo)

Sorcerer (Early Demo)

Without You (Early Demo)


These songs are culled from two concerts in Alabama, and are not necessarily in the order in which they were performed, although they have been labelled to the best of my ability. These were two of the last performances of Buckingham Nicks live before Stevie and Lindsey started recording with Fleetwood Mac. Thanks to Gary Hodges, former drummer of Buckingham Nicks, for the tracks.

Birmingham Jan. 28, 1975

Monday Morning

Races Are Run (cuts in)

Farewell Failure

Django / Sorcerer


You Won't Forget Me

Blue Letter


Tuscaloosa Jan. 29, 1975

Lola (My Love)

Stage Talk

Monday Morning

I Don't Want to Know

Never Going Back Again (Instrumental)

Races Are Run


Long Distance Winner

Django / Sorcerer

You Won't Forget Me

Blue Letter

Heartbreaker (Circles in Time)

Don't Let Me Down Again

Frozen Love




 Fleetwood Mac



Book of Miracles

Cool Water

Down Endless Street


Thrown Down (Alternate Version)

You and I Part I


Landslide (City of Hope Benefit 1982)

Leather and Lace (Don Henley & Fleetwood Mac City of Hope 1982)




All videos are in Windows Media (.wmv) format

Tusk (wth the USC Marching Band)


Hold Me

Little Lies

Big Love

Seven Wonders


Say You Will


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