Stevie and Lindsey Photos

The following are approximations. It is very likely some photos are miscategorized. If you see an inaccuracy, let me know.

Fritz Era (late sixties, early 70s)

Buckingham Nicks Era (c. 1972-1974)

White Album Era (c. 1975)

Rumours Era (c. 1976-1978)

Tusk Era (c. 1979-1980)

Mirage Era (c. 1981-1985)

Tango in the Night Era (c. 1986-1989)

Early 90s (c. 1990-1996)

Dance Era (c. 1997-1999)

Early Milennium (c. 2000-2002)

Say You Will Era (c. 2003-2007)

Unleashed Era (c. 2008-2009)