Thrown Down


 Written by S. Nicks

 He fell for her again She watched it happen Every day, day by day But more important Night by night She watched it all come into play He held her hands She listened to what he had to say Thrown down Like a barricade Maybe now he could prove to her That he could be good for her That they should be together I've shaken your faith in me, no You've shaken my faith in everything else A decision no one made And now you're going home Faith is a hard thing to hold on to Something inside you says "I don't have to" You're not like other people You do what you want to You're not like other people You do what you want to Thrown down Like a barricade Maybe now he could prove to her That he could be good for her That they should be together You say you're sorry Now you should walk away But it's so overwhelming You have nothing left to say You can sit outside his door and wait Well, you can dedicate your pain to him Oh, thrown down Like a barricade Maybe now he could prove to her That he could be good for her That they should be together About just how much he never really told her Thrown down About how difficult it had been to be without her Thrown Down Thrown down...


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This is a very interesting song that I believe refers to how the reunion tour affected Lindsey and Stevie's relationship. Until then they had remained pretty distant, but when they were back together for the tour - as Stevie would say - "it all begins again," all those old feeling are stirred up once more. So Lindsey "fell for her again"...but it wasn't one-sided. Stevie got caught up in it, too - "night by night."

The sexual connotation here is obvious. "Night by night...thrown down." Thrown down as when a man throws down a woman on the bed, or on the floor, or whatever, with an urgency that implies intense desire and need. If this assumption is correct, then the logical conclusion would be that Lindsey and Stevie probably were intimate at least once during the reunion tour. That stirring up of old feelings both emotionally and physically brought them full circle to where he wants them to be together - at least physically. I think he must have been convincing, because in the next verse, Lindsey has to walk away (because the tour is over? Or is she referring to what was then his impending fatherhood? I lean towards the former.) When that happens, she feels alone, and there's nothing to do but sit and wait and "dedicate her pain to him" through songs like this one.

At the end she talks about the things he said to her when they finally put aside the hard feelings. The fact that "Thrown down" is echoed throughout those words - "about how much he never really told her -Thrown down - about how difficult it had been to be without her - thrown down" - gives me the impression of murmurings during love-making.

Stevie herself says about this song: "'The line 'You're not like other
people/You do what you want to do' [ . . .] sums Lindsey up [. . .] But he loves it. He loves the fact that I write about him. It makes him happy.'' You go girl!


ERICA speculates:

I really, really like this song. It's really pretty. I also think this is about the relationship resumed between Lindsey and Stevie during the Dance tour. I think that they got close again, and that Lindsey had proved they\ could be together, but just when they got too close...oops, here comes Kristen...with an EPT test in her hand. :( That really makes me mad. I think Lindsey genuinely loves Stevie, and she him, and yeah, they had sex. Lindsey told her how he'd felt during the many, many years without\ her. He held her hands and explained many things to her, then all that lead to making love.


MAURA speculates:

This song seems to be the end of this long narrative of Stevie's life with Lindsey. So many songs over so many years make up the story. It seems amazing that "He fell for her again" after everything that happened between the two of them. But I don't think this song is about a love that started to bloom again but was denied. The last two verses especially remind me of someone taking out the trash or clearing out their desk of old letters.

"About just how much he never really told her
Thrown down
Ooh, about how difficult it had been to be without her
Thrown down
Ooh, he fell for her again, I watched it happen
Thrown down"

Every action is followed by "Thrown Down" which is also the title of the song. It is the phrase that is most important and I think it signifies all that there is left between Stevie and Lindsey at this point. The trash of old memories and a nostalgic feeling of love that now only has the chance of becoming a strong friendship. Not because Lindsey is married, but because they both have changed so much and now lead very different lives. This might sound sad, but I think it's going to allow them both to reinvent their music which is going to make this new album very exciting. I can't wait! I am so happy for both of them that they're back together on stage.


RUGRAT speculates:

I completely agree with Erica! Lindsey & Stevie having sex! the thought of that gets me very excited!


RUISRYAN speculates:

Oh My! I dont necesarily think it involves sex, however wonderful that possibility is to all of us die hard BuckinghamNicks fans! I think it has a lot to do with the reunion tour of the Dance. I read a quote from Stevie somewhere that states something to the effect of "We were as close to being married then as we were when we joined Fleetwood Mac." I think re-hashing all of the former songs that highlighted the ups and downs of their relationship made them realize that their love evolved into something of a very lasting connection. 'About how much he never told her' has a lot to speak of... I think this refers to all of Lindsey's songs after the broke up, such as 'Go Your Own Way' and 'Never Going Back Again.' If they really only were communicating through their songs, this would send her the message that he was angry and hurt, and had no intentions of rekindling their affair. This is Stevie way of throwing all of the past down, like the barricades that were between them, to heal their relationship so that they might reconsile, at least in a friendly way. I think while on the Dance tour they realized how important the other is to their 'very survival' to quote a song from The Other Side of the Mirror.


SAVANNA speculates:

I thinkd this song is all about the begining of a new relationship between Stevie and Lindsey. "Faith is a hard thing to hold on to." Like being faithful to your wife?


ANNE speculates:

I absolutely agree that this song is about Stevie and Lindsey's "rediscovery" of their deep and strong feelings for each other during the Dance tour (sexual relationship aside.) However, I also agree that it has a lot to do with Lindsey's relationship with Kristen and how it affected that rediscovery. Especially Kristen's pregnancy, which is widely believe to be unplanned, (as supported by Ken Caillat's recent quote about Lindsey being "angry" when he first heard he was having a child.)

Anyhow, the song starts out chronicling the growing relationship between Stevie and Lindsey:

"He fell for her again...
"He held her hands, She listened to what he had to say"

This last line conjures up Stevie's quote about she and Lindsey holding hands in the lift as well as those "many good talks" Lindsey recently mentioned in an interview.

"Maybe now he could prove to her,
That he could be good for her
And they should be together"

These lines serve as the chorus and therefore repeat throughout the song. However in theme, I think they belong with the first verse - they reference the re-establishment of the Stevie/Lindsey relationship.

"Thrown down, like a barricade...

However, then something gets "thrown down like a barricade" into this growing relationship - I would argue that this "thing" is Kristen's pregnancy. The lines

"A decision no one made,
And now you're going home"

as well as

"Faith is a hard thing to hold on to,
Something inside you says, 'I don't have to'

seem to me to speak directly to the compounding issue of Kristen's pregnancy - "a decision no one made" which (many think) forced Lindsey to return "home" to Kristen. Also, Stevie's fundamental, anchoring belief is in a concept of destiny or fate, which must have been difficult in the face of this huge news. Again, Ken Caillat's quote revealing Lindsey's mixed feelings about becoming a father seems to echo here - perhaps Lindsey wanted to try to turn his back on his fate of becoming a father... Something inside him said "I don't have to."

"You're not like other people
You do what you want to"

would reinforce this theory - it seems to be saying Lindsey has always thought about himself first, and that, at the thought of becoming a father, he may have considered himself capable of just walking away.

"You say you're sorry
Now you should walk away
But it's so overwhelming
You have nothing left to say"

Again, this speaks to "barricade" of the pregnancy, which would have prompted Lindsey to apologize to Stevie for interrupting their growing relationship in such a way that he has to "walk away" though he doesn't necessarily want to - this is the situation that's so overwhelming, he's left speechless.

"You can sit outside his door and wait
Well, you can dedicate your pain to him"

is a direct reference to waiting for Will to arrive. Lindsey has gone back to Kristen now not out of love for her but in order to sit outside Will's "door" and wait for him to be born. (By this analogy Kristen is simply a portal through which Lindsey's children emerge.) "You can dedicate your pain to him" can mean either that Lindsey can attribute his pain (from being forced to separate from Stevie again) to Will's birth or, viewing it more positively, that he will eventually have a baby who will redeem this pain. (I prefer to think it's the latter.)

"About just how much he never really told her
Thrown down
About how difficult it had been to be without her
Thrown Down Thrown down..."

The song ends as it began, referencing the newly-intimate relationship between Stevie and Lindsey, interspersed with references to the "barricade" of the pregnancy ("thrown down").

In my opinion, a bittersweet, beautiful explanation on Stevie's part of what was surely a very complex situation.


MIKE speculates:

While I see the points and all the clues that all of you are pointing out, has anyone thought that maybe this has nothing to do with a sexual union between the two? Stevie and Lindsey have both been quoted as having said that they have no wish to rekindle their relationship in the amorous fashion...I do believe that Stevie said 'over my dead body' at one point.

However, I do believe that this is about a rekindling of their friendship...something neither of them saw coming, and something that couldn't have happened without Lindsey's new role as a husband and father.

In the line "you've shaken my faith..." this could be seen as her view on the fact that Lindsey had become a very different person than what she had last seen. They are both quoted several times that during the recording and opening parts of the tour it was like seeing the one that they had fallen in love with, yet that they would not seek to relive that because it is recognized as in the past and Stevie directly says that 'I will not drag either of us into that dark place again...'

However, there is a very sexual theme to this song, one that could allude to an aborted affair, or it could mean the memories of what they used to happen. I agree with an earlier post that this was like cleaning out a desk after a breakup, finding all the old love letters and re-living the memories, sweet and bitter.

Something came to me as I sit listening to this, what if this was meant as a white flag to Kristen, saying "You don't have to worry about me, he loves you?"

Anyway, you all are more than welcome to rebuke me if I'm off the mark...


STEPHANIE speculates:

I think in the beginning... this song may mean sex... or that their walls [barricades] were thrown down.

At the end, though, the tone changes... Lindsey gets Kristen pregnant. Stevie's feelings are then thrown down. They're useless... so, she "dedicates her pain to him." This song could also be taken as maybe during the recording of this album, Kristen was there.. watching them fall for each other. Maybe this explains how Kristen felt about the making of this album and how close Stevie and Lindsey were. Maybe the hand holding meant Lindsey explaining his affairs with Stevie... and Lindsey trying to prove to Kristen that they could be good for each other. That he's sorry. But, he did sleep with Stevie, so he is someone who does what he wants to. The night by night thing goes back to Destiny Rules with the affair... midnight planes... Stevie and Lindsey together all night? Thrown down could signal Lindsey telling Kristen everything about he and Stevie... no more lies. Stevie says that Lindsey didn't shake her faith in him, because she knows him and knows that he does what he wants, so she's not surprised by him... but no one else knows him like that... he's shaken the faith in everything else. Now he's going home... apparently Kristen has forgiven him and now he is with her again... ready to go home. Faith is a hrd thing to hold on to... Kristen has trouble believing him because, there again, he does what he wants to... he doesn't have to be faithful. You say you're sorry... Lindsey apologizes to Stevie about how all of it went down. He has nothing left to say... But, if Stevie would like, she can sit outside of his door [world/family] and wait for him... she could even write songs about him [dedicate her pain to him]. Stevie's feeling are once again thrown down... like she would wait for him. So, she has no other choice... to let it go. She won't wait forever (or so the song suggests), so she's thrown down.

Just how much he never really told her is everything that he can't tell Kristen about the two of them, but then he does... Stevie's once again thrown down. About how difficult it had been to be without her means how hard it was for Stevie and Lindsey to try to make a go at it and how lonely Lindsey was without Stevie, so Kristen was an easy route... a clean slate and he was no longer alone.

Want to speculate about "Thrown Down"? E-mail me and I'll post your comments.

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