Product of the Times

Written by J. Pacheco; Sung by S. Nicks

We're making the same mistakes
We're not the leaders of a line


We've only made outside changes
We've hardly even moved the time
And now it might sound real crazy
But we're a product of the times


It's hard to rearrange
So hard to change a frame of mind
But nothing stays the same
And it doesn't take much to be blind


Those who stay the same, become a product of the time


I'm not trying to make you love me
Not trying to fit you to my style
If you'd only understand me
I'd feel better all the while


We can explore each other
And find the meaning of the child


People are starving, oh, can't you hear the baby cry
People are dying, oh... can't you hear the baby crying


Doesn't matter where you came from
Doesn't matter who you are
If you can't find love around you
You haven't traveled very far


Oh, the last thing we can sing about
Is where oh where do you start?


Product of the times


Product of the times


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

One of the last songs Stevie and Lindsey performed with their first band, Fritz.


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