Sweet Surf Music

 Written: Zambetti; Backup Vocal: L. Buckingham

 Give me songs about tanned honeys and custom cars Well my band don't dress like we just got in from Mars Hurachi sandals, tan Levis, and stripes And from me you won't get no gripes When that sweet surf music is rolling through my ears Take your Gibson Les Paul, your Moog And your phase shifter too All that racket well it just gives me the blues Hand me that old fender Jaguar And turn my premier reverb up far And that sweet surf music will be rolling through my ears With all that heavy metal thunder I can't hear a single word And if I did I know they're just singing something absurd Brian and the Boys always taked like me So the meaning of their songs came through so clearly When that sweet surf music was rolling through my ears Yeah, that sweet surfer music goes rollin' through my ears When that sweet surfer music goes rollin' through my ears

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Ironically, this song's lyrics are just as hard to understand as "that heavy metal thunder" Zambetti complains about! This song is a tad self-indulgent for my tastes... and it annoys me when bands compliment themselves in their own songs. Of course, they're only comparing their genre of music favorably with others, so they're not complimenting themselves per se, but it still is too close for comfort... reminds me of when the Monkees assurred the audience "we're the young generation, and we've got something to say." (By the way, don't give me wrong, I love the Monkees! I just hate group theme songs!)



Sorry you didn't like this song, but it was done "tongue in cheek". It's a take off on "Sweet Soul Music". I thought you might be interested in the actual lyrics [I've corrected them, see above, WM.]

Take care,

John Zambetti


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