Turn It On

Written by L. Buckingham and R. Dashut

Now, someone has left you alone Somehow you will carry on You are the man Do what you can Just go out and turn it on You can fight, you can pray, you can reach for the sky You can heal someone's soul, you don't even know why Turn it on Now, someone is dead and gone The hurt that you feel makes you strong Time is allowed Make him proud Just go out and turn it on You can love, you can hate, you can laugh, you can cry You can run for your life, you can live, you can die Turn it on You can hurt, you can heal, you can reach for the light You could trust in yourself if you'd give it a try Turn it on Turn it on Turn it on, turn it on Turn it on, turn it on Turn it on, turn it on Turn it on, turn it on Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on!


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song is talking about getting on with one's life after a loved one's death - almost a companion piece to Street of Dreams. Although someone has left him alone by dying (not only his father, who died when he was still in his early twenties, but his brother, who passed away while Lindsey was making this album). He's got to "carry on", to keep fighting, praying, reaching for the sky. Someone may be "dead and gone", but Lindsey can rise from the experience stronger, and by doing so, he can make his loved one "proud" - that's what that loved one would have wanted. He's learning to live again and experience all the good and bad that's a part of life - the loving, the hating, the laughing, the crying. Not only can you hurt, but you can finally heal if you "reach for the light" instead of wallowing in the darkness that always comes when someone close to you dies. All you have to do is "trust yourself and turn it on."


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