That's When Your Heartaches Begin

 Written by Fisher/Hill/Raskin

You'll find your sweetheart in the arms of a friend That's when your heartaches begin When dreams of a lifetime must come to an end That's when your heartaches begin


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Perhaps one might find it silly to put up Lindsey doing two impromptu phrases from an Elvis number as an "unreleased song." However, anything Lindsey sings, I transcribe! It's apparently a big favorite because fifteen years earlier, he plays a bit of it on the piano on footage shot backstage while they toured Japan. This is before he bails on interviews to get some dinner with Carol Ann, despite Christine's protests that he "can't do that again!" "But I'm HUNGRY - I haven't eaten ALL DAY! Why do they ask us to do this after a show anyway? It's stupid!" "It's only 8:00 Lindsey, not as if it's midnight!" "I don't care - I'm outta here!" Much to everyone's dismay, Lindsey proceeds to take off with Carol Ann. Christine huffily to Mick: "Maybe I should do that every time we have an interview." Funny stuff.


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