The Second Time

Written by S. Nicks and R. Vito; Sung by S. Nicks

Was it in my mind Or was it true? That woman used to Hollywood living Do you remember how The angels sang And your sorrows left you there? Right before the lights came up Do you remember? You took my hand Do you remember, my friend? Did you feel like it was The second time with you? That feeling of a vivid memory Well, it had to do With a dream come true And someone that you loved And would always love The second time around For us She never looked back Someone that you loved And would always love The second time around, for us She never looked back She could never look back


RICK VITO states:

I did write some of the lyrics although they were not intended as lyrics. I wrote the pretty instrumental as a lullaby for my baby son. I sent it to Stevie with some ideas for the direction, and in true Stevie style, she incorporated some of my suggestions into the lyrics.


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

I don't really know who wrote what in this song, but looking at it from Stevie's perspective, it's another song about fame. She's used to that surreal "Hollywood living", and her happiest times are onstage "right before the lights c[o]me up". The part of the song referring to "the second time" could refer to this second phase of FM (for Stevie - FM has really had numerous phases) post-Lindsey. She'll always love Lindsey, but she can't look back. She has to continue on without him, "the second time around."


ART speculates:

It may be a bit of a stretch admittedly, but at the time "The Second Time" was written Stevie had become much more outwardly spiritual. She was often photographed wearing a cross (usually large) and sometimes referred to God in interviews. In "Alice" written circa 1988 she talks about praying so by 1989 with the new incarnation of Fleetwood Mac underway sans Lindsey, she may be feeling a literal and metaphorical rebirth. Looking at it from the perspective that Stevie is reconnecting with God, the song is even more beautiful than considering it as a grounded love song. She seems to be describing a concert experience in which she becomes born again just as the show is ending ... "Do you remember how the angels sang?" "And your sorrows left you there/ Right before the lights came up/Do you remember you took my hand? Do you remember, my friend?" says it all. Whether it's God or some other mystical force, Stevie has just had a luscious, life-affirming moment.

I stick to the idea that she is very likely talking about God because of the references to "the second time." It certainly isn't Lindsey of which she speaks in 1989, and while it may be the band Fleetwood Mac, the hallowed phrases and lofty keyboard work make this sound more like a hymn and less like an ode to a group of people she never put on a pedestal to begin with. But, of course, God is someone people put on pedestals (and higher) and for Stevie I believe she may be revealing a spirituality heretofore unseen.

"Someone that you love, and would always love ... she never looked back," so beautiful and inspiring for a woman who was in so much pain at the time.


SPARKTIVITIE speculates:

I think this song is about her relationship with Chris and they are
somewhat recalling Lindsey's departure. Stevie is saying remember when the lights when on and we walked on stage together without Lindsey during the
Tango In The Night tour. Well, this will be the second time we do it without Lindsey(BTM) and we can't look back we have to move on.


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