Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)

Written by S. Nicks

Sometimes it rages...rock a little Even when it's calm...rock a little Just like the sea...still rock a little Some say it was just like me Still rock a little Then you knew her...funny little dancer And you watched her all night long You were trying to learn from her teachers One thing that she wanted She would not be tangled up in it Hit it It's about time, Lily Ooh, I know, Lily Hit the stage, dancing...hit it She's home now And she says, "I've gone far beyond that song" Rock and roll ballerina Where else would she go? He knows his daughter, says "Where does she live?" He says, "Oh, up there somewhere" Then he says, "Go ahead, Lily Hit it, hit it It's about time, Lily Oh, well, I know, Lily Hit it, hit the stage" Lots of them And all one of a kind But the most important thing was What was on her mind Pale pink satin worn out in a week But you loved you the most And you said... "Go ahead, Lily Hit it" No explanations and I tell you no You say nothing That is how songs are written Stories are told, rumours are started Then he says, "Go ahead, Lily Hit it, hit it It's about time, Lily Hit the stage, dancin' I know, Lily...


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

I think Stevie uses the "Lily" of this song as a way to talk about herself. No matter what happens, she still has her music, she still continues to "rock a little." However, she refuses to invest in love - she doesn't want to be "tangled up in it." So, all that's left is for her to "hit the stage"; the stage is her "home." Even her own father can recognize that "up there" is where she belongs, despite the fact that it's a arduous lifestyle with many casualties - even the clothes "wear out in a week".

The line "you loved you the most" might mean that Stevie (aka Lily) is looking out for herself - she's the only one she can depend on. Or, if the "you" is aimed at somebody else - Lindsey? - then it might indicate selfishness. I lean towards the second because in the next stanza she continues to speak as if to another person. She says that while she offers "no explanations" [for the breakup?] and he "says nothing" they take those feelings and put it in their music - "that's how songs are written". The songs start "rumours" literally in that the album Rumours was driven by those very emotions. It's all about the music, so "Hit it, Lily."


KATHRYN speculates:

Webmistresses comments are on target. This is a soulful little song which reflects Stevie's deep love of theatre and ballet. She sees herself as the little rock n roll ballerina "up there".This is where all of the men in her life knows she belongs and like the great dancers of the world she needs to be alone for her art. In the theatre dancers are called "gypsies" and Stevie is truly a graceful gypsy who needs to give herself permission to go ahead and ROCK


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