Desert Angel

Written by S. Nicks and M. Campbell

I was born in the desert So I know how it feels there Well, look's a shooting star But it's black as stars Well, this is the first thing That I've written Since I wrote about freedom And then the wall came down We thought it was a great beginning People were free to cross the line But then something happened in the desert Something broke the stars into pieces Well, I live below a great, red mountain In the shape of a great, huge beast In a place the Indians call Paradise Valley Well, well, this has always been my sanctuary I send that to you, too You're on the other side of the world In the desert And we are the Guardians No black clouds...Just the faces of you So where is my father Where has he gone? And where is my husband - And where is my son? Where is my father Where has he gone? What is it that happened here Is this real? This war? This can't be happening Ooh, well, I need to see you In your far away war And you should know how much we love you Well, they call us here Operation Desert Angel They call us here Operation Desert Angel In waiting... Operation Desert Shield Operation Desert Storm Operation Desert Angel Angels in waiting Come home...just the faces of you Come home Operation Desert Angel


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

In the liner notes, Stevie writes: "There was something [Phoenix] was doing called 'Operation Desert Angel.' It meant that you could go down to the shopping centers or malls and get a little dog tag with the shape of an angel with the name of someone from Arizona who was in the Gulf [War]...all this time I was still trying to figure out what I could write [in a letter] to the ones in the Gulf who are alone and scared...and I also knew I would write a song called 'Desert Angel'...and I would send them my feeling of sanctuary.

"From the beginning, all the people around me really loved the song, because it meant so much more to all of us than it did just to me. We had lived through it, we had prayed, and my song would make at least all of us...never forget this war...I hope that for all of you that were there, it will always be a lullaby that will remind you that everything will be fine, it is over, you can sleep now. And for us here who felt helpless and scared, a lot of things really do work out for the best in the end." By the way, in the song, she refers to the Berlin Wall going down and how she wrote about it - I belive she is referring to her song Doing the Best I Can.


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