Written by S. Nicks

 When I was young, I can remember the day When far off in the distance, I heard someone say "You've a daughter, born a Gemini, name of Amber Born today" Always be Amber Remember...look inside Be forever, tiny lady I remember... Beautiful daughter, when you were mine Gemini Amber, your color was brown The sign that I gave you in May It's Gemini, Amber, your arms open wide Who'll protect you from the things that you say Always be Amber Remember to be kind Be forever, beautiful daughter I remember... Brown eyes in Amber When you were mine


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Well, Stevie is a Gemini born in May with brown-blond hair, but the song is obviously not truly autobiographical. I think Stevie's just big on astrology and horiscopes and all that jazz so she wrote a song all about Geminis.


CLAIRE speculates:

This song is excellent. At first I thought it was a cover of an old folk song because the recording sounds so folkie and with just an acoustic guitar it appears to be recorded a really long time ago.

My band is going to do a cover of this because I think it has a really beautiful meaning. It appears to be set in medieval times, I picture horses and castles. The speaker relates the story of how a man had a daughter who had eyes of brown and was a Gemini. "You've a daughter, born a Gemini, known as Amber."

This is a song to his daughter giving her basic life lessons, and it is sad because he laments that she is no longer with him. "When you were mine" refers to her childhood when she only belonged to her father. Now he is lonely and he is thinking back with nostalgia on when his daughter was only his. Perhaps Amber is to be wed, or, perhaps she moved far away and grew up. Or maybe she died. Either way, this song has a wistful take on father/daughter relationships and could be a precursor to "Landslide" in that way.


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