Chanel, Chanel

 Written by S. Nicks

 I know how hard it is to keep promises secret Real secrets, the hardest of all Well, I need to go, but the free spirit has been sold And now she's gone As you leave the shore Woah, remember there is always a chance You may never return Take your time Push down your walls Well, I have run from places where I could not speak And neither could I breathe Well, I wake up in the middle of the night now I need to know Lady traveler Leave the room the way it was Well, the scent I left... Well, they can't stand up in the darkness Ooh, Chanel, Chanel She was herself, she was not his She was not anything that she had loved Because he would have lost if he had loved And never yet found What they both were, no Such a beauty... Woah, love can never be lost All he knew is there was something there Woah, as his hands leaned against her side Ooh, that feeling from the past Well, that is something that she understands Oh, lady traveler Leave the room the way it was When they fall And they can't stand up in the darkness Oh, take your time I remember a man, well, he said to me, He said, "What do you do?" "I sing"


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This seems pretty straightforward. She's having an affair, but all the secrecy is getting to her, and she feels like she's losing herself in it. She feels the need to get away from it, but the love is so strong that she can't get away from it entirely. The "feelings from the past" make everything else go away - suddenly what seemed so complicated seems simple. However, it's still ambiguous whether she will continue this affair or not. When she "leaves the room the way it was," is she doing so to avoid detection, or is she doing so as a signal that she will never return?


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