Goldfish and the Ladybug

Written by S. Nicks

Goldfish and the ladybug Fell in love with each other But they couldn't work it out They couldn't get together  Ladybug said "I can't swim" Goldfish die on land Ladybug swung down like a swing Kissed him with her wings One touch and the promise was made Ladybug's love was real Goldfish cried tears of sadness How was he to feel? How was he to feel? And the days turned into years Ladybug's sadness grew She took her love to the water's edge She didn't know what to do What to do Goldfish lived in his deep water home So much his and so fine Still, he lived his life alone Ladybug lived in his mind Ladybug lived in his mind "Oh, lady, lady, I love you My life is hollow without you Can you love me without loving - Can I love you without you? Can I love you without you? Can I love you without you?"


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

At first glance, this song seems like a maudlin version of "It's Not Easy Being Green" by Kermit the Frog. Apparently Stevie (once she made the big time) even attempted unsuccessfully to produce a cartoon based on this song - I believe she called it "a children's Dr. Zhivago." Hmmm.....I've read Dr. Zhivago, Dr. Zhivago was a friend of mine, and Mr. Goldfish is no Dr. Zhivago! However, once you translate this kindergarten-style analogy to real life, you find some sophisticated themes that might not, at first, be evident. I think the key line is the last one - "Can I love you without you?" The goldfish and the ladybug could represent Stevie and Lindsey. They have two different lifestyles that are incompatible, yet they still love one another. But does it count? Is it really possible to love someone who you can't live with? That's the fundamental question here...and from all the "love" songs Stevie wrote for Lindsey post-breakup, I would assume the answer is yes.


BPRYDERI speculates:

I think this song does represent Stevie and Lindsey, but I think it's also larger than that. How many relationships have gone the way this song describes, for Stevie and for the other people in the band as well. It's very romantic that they can love and long for each other, even though it is evident that they cannot be together. I think this song would translate wonderfully into a children's book.


MAYAMAGIC speculates:

Your all fools to go on believing Stevie and Lindsey go on dreaming and thinking about each other for years. They don't and they have gotten on with their lives. Stevie has fallen in love with some mysterious person back in 1983 and has not gotten over this person since and that is the person she sings about, don't you see in all her songs since 1983 she sings about a love that has not connected yet. and Thats That!


KATHRYN speculates:

This is yet another of Stevie Nicks self indulgent cocaine fuelled projects that I read was quietly shelved.I agree with MAYAMAGIC get over these people.Lindsey and Stevie is pure theatre ,they act a part ,ceate an illusion and make lots of money.Stevie was too self absorbed to love any of these guys.Her songs are all about her.



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