I Need You

Written by S. Nicks

You came, you came along At a bad time; I was too young Three men, each of which wants all of me Each gets only a part of me I live alone Small part can't satisfy It will only pacify Here, here lies intensity Here breathe the highs and lows Here we climb that mountain Plunging deep into deepness Floating back and forth Wanting to touch down, but never touching For to touch is to reveal The answer, the answer, oh... Well, I need you because you are not mine I am impatient 'cause you are so impulsive, oh, yes I don't know you I don't understand you Still, I love you But I am afraid of you, oh, no I am afraid


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Apparently Stevie is really popular in this song! Poor Stevie, so many men want her she can't commit to any of them and "lives alone." I weep for you, Stevie. Apparently the guy she really wants, though, is not "hers." So that IS a reason to be upset. This guy is someone who's hard to understand and even a little bit intimidating. This song is so early, but, still, it could be Lindsey. Perhaps the rest of Fritz wants her but she wants Lindsey! Of course, this song could have been written post-Fritz, who knows. By the way, isn't the middle section poetic?


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