Written by S. Nicks

I will ride through the snow In an old-fashioned carriage Drawn by a small, golden horse She runs like the wind, yeah When I run through your door I am freed from my slavery And the fires will be burnin' long before You return to me For in my house, there's no teasing spirits No false laughter No one has to tell me to be there, no one I'll be there I would suffer for the love I would suffer for the love And I would cry to be moved I do two things these days These nights, Julia is no fool People ask me, they ask me, say "So, Julia, just what is it that you do now?" She does two things Oh, in the light of the sunset She does the stars She does you I love the stars I give to you what I love Who is the child Who disregards all your rules? I would suffer for the love I would cry to be moved I do two things these days These nights, Julia is no fool People ask me, they ask me, say "So, Julia, just what is it that you do now, do now?" She does two things, two things Well, in the light of the sunset, yeah Stars...she does you No fool.... She does two things Woah, in the light of the sunset, yeah, yeah, yeah Does the stars She loves you She loves the stars She does two things She loves the stars Ooh, yeah, yeah Ooh, now, Julia, yeah, yeah I would suffer for the love Suffer, yeah, yeah Suffer for the love I would cry to be moved I would cry...And I would cry... She loves the stars And she loves you

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

I think it's safe to say that she sees herself as Julia here, another alter-ego song, because she switches back and forth from third person ("she") to first person ("I"). Again, like in another unreleased song Cecelia, she talks about suffering for love, but she's also insistent that she "is no fool." People don't seem to understand what it is that she really does (and who really knows what those stars do?!), and when they ask she answers, "She does the stars, she does you." And no, I don't think this means that she beds stars, and she beds Lindsey, although that certainly is true, hehe! Instead, I think "does the stars" means that she cares about stars, and the "she does you" means that she also cares about the man she loves.


RUISRYAN speculates:

I think this song refers to many of Stevie's relationships prior to her and Lindsey's break up. "When I run through your door, freed from my slavery" means that when she meets a new man, who she is infatuated with, in his arms, and in his house she is absorbed into his life, forgetting about the trauma and drama of her life, including FM and Lindsey. I think when she says "I love the stars, I give to you what I love" means that she loves the life of a star, as well as the real stars themselves, like in Bella Donna's "Dont you know that the stars are a part of us" which can refer to the old axiom: star crossed lovers. I agree completely with WebMistress as to the idea of Julia being one of Stevie's many alter egos. I think however, the use of all the Winter imagery is very romantic, and very dramatic to sort of make the listener visualize this very plush, starlight romance complete with the bear-rug and champagne next to the fire! But as to the part about Julia being 'no fool' could mean that the romantic part of Stevie that is completely swept away by love is still smart enough to realize that she has been hurt before, perhaps a little too often, and to know that she must not let herself be as vulnerable as she was to Lindsey, who later took advantage of that vulnerability.


MIKE speculates:

As Stevie told Mary Turner in 1986, the name Julia is Robin's alter-ego from the movie JULIA, which starred Jane Fonda & Vanessa Redgrave, and Stevie is Lily. The two friends in the movie (based on a true story) at times only feel like their real selves when they are alone together, not having to worry about
the outside world. I think this parallels what Stevie has said publically about her friendship with Robin. Robin was her best friend many years before Stevie ever became famous and was someone she could really trust.

Yes, I think there's a man in "Julia" somewhere; there ALWAYS is a man somewhere in a Stevie song. I just don't think this is such a literal song about Stevie pining for a man. Like "Sara", there is a lot more going on in "Julia" than just what is on the surface.


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