Night Gallery

Written by S. Nicks

Well, every day I search to find a new way Some new thing to say, something to make you stay Something that might mean something to you Something... Within my weariless search Oh, there is no company Down the road, I move by myself Say you stood in her gallery Night gallery You stood in her gallery In the night gallery In the night gallery What did you find In the night gallery An answer to me? And the paintings on the wall, she says "There it is... If you look hard enough" Nothing more that I can really say to you Nothing but the way I love you so much Night gallery So much... In the night gallery Say to me Just tell me to go home Night gallery Maybe really know Night gallery Something in my heart Night gallery


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song is interesting in its analogy of love as an art gallery - how the answers are revealed like paintings on the wall, because words themselves cannot convey them. And what does she mean by paintings on the wall? I think she's talking about them like the expression "the writing on the wall" - something that's obvious even if unspoken.


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