Old-Fashioned (The Dance)

Written by S. Nicks

You are the modern one I am the old-fashioned She walked up to him Full of passion Smarter than anyone We think that we are Disappear into the night Those burning hearts...two stars So she waltzed up to him Took his hand, drew him to herself They said, "Ooh, this is too fine" She says, "Hold me in your arms These are the moments that I live for" Charmingly disarming... Turn around to me Arms over mine She says, "I am still here... No tears" Too modern to rise above Too medieval to go between Too uncertain to fall together To remain, to be true You are the modern one I am the old-fashioned She walked up to him From the dance floor She walked straight into his arms And the lights went on Did nothing to hide That wicked, unruly smile And the lights were on them Well, you had better go "Don't forget about the song" She said to him "I won't...I won't forget" "Don't forget about the song" "I won't..."


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

The visual I get when I listen to this song is Lindsey and Stevie dancing in their "old-fashioned" costumes in the Gypsy video. And, really, it fits well. Lindsey always was striving to be "modern," to be on the cutting edge musically. As for "the dance" itself, again, what she talks about here fits the video very well...."arms over mine..." remember when he hugs her to him like that? I think the melancholy tone of the song also fits how they were during that video - not on the best of terms, not together, and yet there they were having to act like they were in love for the sake of the video. Other than that, when do you think the last time she danced with Lindsey was? 1976, if that!

The description of Lindsey as "charmingly disarming" with a "wicked, unruly smile" definitely fits. Also, note the "and the lights were on them" line. This corroborates my Gypsy theory as well because they were being filmed and therefore had all those camera lights shining on them the whole time they were dancing. Finally, she finishes the song with the line "I won't forget." This song is so bittersweet (using one of Lindsey's favorite words there!) and heartbreaking, but it is one of my all-time favorites of Stevie's unreleased songs. Maybe one of these days she'll dust it off and finish it up for us?


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