Ooh Baby

Written by S. Nicks

Ooh, baby What to do about this? I know it's not the thing you thought it would be Not so outrageous Oh, but, ooh, baby It's a rare, rare thing You found it once, you might find it twice You might never know it You might throw it all away,babe What's it going to be? I know the things that you think I should know But you don't know me Oh, no, baby It's alright for now Nothing is changing It's all the same, anyhow Oh, baby Going to be Maybe someday, maybe someday You will really get to know me better Oh, baby So it's now, it's then Complain to someone else about your life And I'll remember when I said "Oh, yeah, baby Oh, yeah, baby Oh, yeah, baby" I'll remember when, oooh, he said "Oh, oh, baby" You could lay the blame You remember the time of your life And I'll remember when....again and again Oh, no, baby What's the matter now? You were really one of a kind Yes, you were to me, somehow Oh, yeah, baby...

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

In this song, Stevie gets a little wistful as she thinks back on how things were with her man - I believe Lindsey. The attitude of the song is almost as if she is reminiscing with him....up to a point. She knows it didn't turn out the way they had hoped, but while it was happening....it was a "rare, rare thing." She hopes he (and perhaps herself as well) can be that happy again someday, without "throw[ing] it all away". Then, the song seems to turn more accusatory when she tells him that he doesn't know her, and that he only wanted her to know the things he thought she should know. She has hinted in interviews that Lindsey was a bit controlling, perhaps she is referring to that here.

She goes on to say "it's all the same," whether "now" or "then." They both have the same problems they've always had...only now he has to "complain to someone else." She can't be there for him anymore. Then, suddenly, the song turns back to the beginning tone of nostalgia. She remembers when she said "Oh, yeah, baby!" - while he was saying "Oh, oh, baby!" - I think you catch my drift here. She says there's two ways he can remember them: bitterly (by laying the blame) or tenderly (by remembering it as the time of his life). She's choosing the second way, as she ends it with a high compliment: "You were really one of a kind....yes, you were to me, somehow."


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