Rock A Bye Baby

Written by S. Nicks

Rock a bye baby Rock a bye baby Now I understand Rock a bye baby What you want With you in my life Now I understand I can't do my work He says "She's going now She's going back" Rock a bye baby Oh, she'll be gone at least a year He knows if he asked her not to go She wouldn't go "But it's better for her," he says "Rock a bye baby Bye, baby" Say goodbye, baby Well, there isn't time And you can't save me Don't try to save me Bye, baby Rock a bye Say goodbye Goodbye, baby When you cry There isn't time Rock a bye baby It's my baby Every time Said you can't save me Ooh, don't try to save me Rock a bye baby Baby, bye Baby, bye Don't cry baby Don't cry Don't cry Say goodbye Well, I guess you can't save me Goodbye, baby, every time Rock a bye baby Downstairs the big old house is mine Ooh, gather the love Rock a bye Say goodbye Outside the world still laughs and cry Rock a bye Upstairs the stars still shine They still laugh and shine Goodbye, goodbye baby Goodbye, baby Rock a bye baby Rock a bye baby


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song makes cute use of the term "rock a bye baby," since Stevie is a rocker, and she's saying "'Bye, baby"! A little vague relationship-wise in that I think she's talking about Lindsey when she says "I can't do my work" - because of all the fighting - but then she says he's the one who thinks she sould leave, which is very un-Lindsey-like, so who is she talking about? Apparently, like in Sara, more than one guy! Then at the end she echoes both Blue Lamp and Welcome to the Room ...Sara with her "stars still laugh and shine" lines. She seems to really like those lines!


ERICA speculates:

I think this song is definitely about Stevie's abortion. It seems to me that a very strong part of her wanted the baby, and that if "he asked her not to go, she wouldn't go." I believe that if Don had offered to help her, to share some of the load, Stevie Nicks might be a mother right now. This song, I believe in a way, is a sort of apology towards her baby. She says "There isn't time" meaning that she cannot do this by herself, and that she cannot "do her work." When it refers to her being gone at least a year...9 months to carry the baby...and a couple to get her feet on the ground as a new mother. Don apparently told Stevie that it was "Better for her," and that the baby was not something she or he needed.

I believe the "You can't save me," part refers to someone trying to comfort Stevie, and Stevie turning them away after the abortion, telling them it was no use. Or maybe, perhaps, the baby could have saved Stevie in a way, made her better, stronger, and more fulfilled...but Stevie never had the chance. And "Outside, the world still laughs and cries," means that life goes on, and that Stevie has to recuperate and move on with her life, and try to put this behind her best she can. She says "Goodbye, goodbye baby." She is bidding her last farewell to her son or daughter.


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