The Witch (Melacine)

Written by S. Nicks

"Melacine is insane," they said They burned your body and they wished you dead "You're a witch," they cried They feared the silence in your cat-green eyes Melacine lives alone by the sea She was not lonely, she was not lonely She lived on herbs and as such were her dreams And such a beauty was Melacine Melacine, beauty...


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Witches seem to capture Stevie's fancy for some reason, I guess because she's so big on the "mystical." Here, she tells a little story of an accused witch...I don't think it has much personal significance, unless she is trying to use Melacine, who is condemned as a witch because she is different, as an analogy to her own problem of often being judged due to the fact that she is unconventional (she was also accused of being a witch because of her stage persona by some people who got a bit carried away.)


RUISRYAN speculates:

I think Melacine is a symbol of that part of Stevie that is dark, mystical, and mysterious. I think she personally understands the stigma that can come with that sort of a life, the life of a 'witch'. However I do not think this has much to do with Stevie practicing witchcraft, whether or not she ever did. I think this is Stevie's way of softening the blows of an ignorant public assuming that her mystical persona must mean that she is some sort of witch. Also, Stevie is trying to explain the fact that many witches of past and present are lumped into a box with devil worshippers and goat's blood drinkers, when that is just not the case. Melacine is a beauty and lives on herbs refers to the fact that the Craft is a beautiful and natural (earth) based religion with none of those horrible stigmas that people assign to it, and thusly to her. But to protect her sensitive side from the ignorant masses, Stevie like Melacine must seclude herself, or at least the part of herself that makes people call her a witch, and live 'alone by the sea'.


KYRI speculates:

Again, I will say that I think Stevie a highly intelligent lady. I believes that she has read a lot about witchcraft and finds a lot to identify with. Ruisryan, I could not have said it better! This song was like she was sticking up for the witches, in the true sense of the word, Wise Ones, Wiccans, whatever people wish to call us... Not something evil, but gentle people who believe in spirituality and are very Mother Earth/ Goddess/Nature oriented. People as a whole can be very ignorant and cruel, and most never bother to give up their ignorance for knowledge. Be she a Witch or not, those who are witches appreciate this as an attempt to make the ignorant ones see us for what we really are.


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