When Will We Love Again

 Written by S. Nicks

 I've waited so long Now I can breathe And you've waited, too You've waited, waited for me When shall we love? When shall we love? When will the hour be? Today, tonight, now? When will you come to me? When shall we love? And he never doubted me No, how he did trust Now maybe someday because of me He'll learn not to trust so much When he does love again It can't be me again And now you are here Blue eyes, your smile and your golden ring A portrait I painted in fear Shining like a light made out of crystal When shall we love? Tonight, tonight? When shall we love? Shine on like a light When shall we love? From sundown to sundown All the barriers have burned down Yes, from midnight to morning As a poet loves poetry And this has been my story, yeah Tonight, tonight And this has been my story, yeah


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song has been called a Fritz demo, but when Javier Pacheco (the keyboardist for Fritz) was asked about it in an interview, he stated that the band had never played such a song. So, apparently, it isn't from that time period, although when you listen to this you can hear people playing pool in the background, which might lead one to believe it is indeed very early. At any rate, this song is a nice little ditty about lost love found again. The wedding ring part reminds me of Rose Garden, another song she wrote when she was very young. I guess back then she still considered marriage as the final destination of true love, still thought that one day her blue-eyed man would bring her a golden ring.


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