Wild Heart

 Written by S. Nicks

Something in my heart died last night Just one more chip off an already broken heart I think the heart broke long ago That's when I needed you That's when I needed you most That's when I needed you When I needed you most Well, I run around like a spirit in flight Fearlessness is fearlessness I will not forget this night Dare my wild heart Dare my wild heart Where is the reason? Don't blame it on me Blame it on my wild heart As to the seasons You fought from the beginning Long before I knew it There was a danger And the danger was To fall in love In dark sorrow They gaze down into the darkest heart If I leave you You say not even you can tear us apart Say you're leaving... You say you don't even know How to start...how to start...how to start Well, believe it then And don't blame it on my soul Blame it on my wild heart Ooo...on my wild heart...ooo Fire on fire...rain on my face Fever goes higher...what can you do? Wild in the darkest places in your mind That's where I needed you Where I needed you most That's where I needed you Where I needed you most Where is the reason? Well, don't blame it on me Blame it on my wild heart There is a reason Why even the angels Don't give it up at all Where are the children? Well, are they hopelessly enchanted? Blame it on the angels Where are the reasons? Don't blame it on us Blame it on our wild hearts Wild heart...wild heart...wild heart On my wild heart On my wild heart Even in the darkest places of your mind (Even in the darkest places of your mind) Woah, where are the children, are they hopelessly enchanted? (Woah, all the children lie hopelessly enchanted) Wild in the darkest places of your mind (Darkest places of your mind) No, don't you blame it on me, baby Blame it on my wild heart Blame it on my wild heart Blame it on my wild heart Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Blame it on my wild heart Blame it on my wild, wild, wild, wild heart Blame it on my wild heart, baby Even in the darkest places of your mind...


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song is not one of my favorites, but the main idea is that Stevie has a heart that she can't control, that keeps falling in love despite the "danger." Her heart keeps getting broken, and her man isn't around when she needs him. There's no logic, no "reason" to keep trying, but she still fights to find love with "fearlessness." There's also no logic to why her love ends, but when it does, don't blame her, blame it on her "wild heart." Still, the pursuit of true love is worth all the anguish and pain - "there is a reason why even the angels don't give it up" - and likewise she'll never give up on love. As for the children being enchanted, I don't know what she's talking about there, unless she's referring to the enchantment of children with the idea of romance (at least little girls!) So, she'll keep trying, and don't call her crazy - just chalk it up to that "wild heart."


RHIANNON speculates:

This is I think one of my favorite Stevie Nicks songs. I think she represents a lot of people in this song, who think they have found real love, but later on realize that it wasn't. Even though there is a danger in this, it feels right until the final ending, and it's not her fault, it's her wild heart's fault who thinks that it has found the real thing.


KYRI speculates:

I have always felt this song is about the indominable spirit... A part of herself that she can never sacrifice though love is present. There is a brave, wild part of the heart that remains aloof.. untouchable... Get too close and try to cage that bird and she'll fly away. Fearless in loving, fearless in leaving , for there is hope that someday she will find the soul that can understand her deepest self and be her match... Until then she will not settle for second best, so though she may love the man, a true lady knows when to leave. And she will never be afraid to try again... The wild heart is resilient.


PAULA speculates:

I love this song, it is one of my all time favorites, I never tire of it. I know this will probably not be a popular speculation, but here it is: I think it's about the whole Robin/Kim/Stevie/Matthew thing. I only just recently started thinking this, not sure why it suddenly hit me.

I won't get into every specific lyric, but I believe the first 2 lines have to do with Robin's death. I also believe Robin is the angel in "blame it on the angels" and "even the angels don't give up at all." Also "you fought from the beginning, long before I knew it" could refer to Robin's fight with cancer & trying to save her baby.

The rest of the song seems to be saying "well, we fell in love, we couldn't control it, there's nothing we could do to prevent it, it was just meant to happen, there was no reason." And the "that's when I needed you, when I needed you most" is about Stevie & Kim needing to help eachother through this dark time in their lives. "The children are hopelessly enchanted" is about children in general and Matthew specifically, their innocence & purity.

Of course, Stevie later said that the marriage was a huge mistake & they were both overcome by grief, but at the time that it all happened, it makes sense to me that this is what the song is about.


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