Goodbye Angel

Written by L. Buckingham

Goodbye Angel I'm going down, but I'm not going 'round the bend I'm giving out, but I'm not giving in Love turned to hate Touch turned to pull What could I do? My cup was full Goodbye Angel Goodbye Angel I'm giving out, but I'm not giving in 'Cause yesterday is not like today, my friend Love turned to hate Touch turned to pull What could I do? My cup was full Goodbye Angel Love turned to hate Touch turned to pull What could I do? My cup was full Goodbye Angel Goodbye Angel (Keep on pulling) (Gotta just let it go) Goodbye Angel (Keeping a-rolling) (Just let it go) Goodbye Angel (Keep on pulling) (Just let it go) (Keeping a-rolling) (Just let it go)


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song was written during Mirage. In it, he's addressing Stevie, his "angel" (see Angel, Ooh My Love). He's telling her, obviously, goodbye, but he's also trying to explain himself somewhat. He's "giving out" on FM, but he's not "giving up" altogether - he just needs to get away from the band. It's too hard on him - his "love [has] turned to hate" and, instead of touching Stevie, he was forced to pull at her as she broke away from him. Also, he could be addressing the fact that Stevie keeps pulling him in, then not letting him really touch her in the most connected sense - only physically. He's had enough (see That's Enough for Me); his "cup was full."

Stevie has always claimed in her songs that Lindsey couldn't handle her changing (see Outside the Rain and Landslide, for instance), and here Lindsey seems to agree somewhat in that he says too much has changed. "Yesterday is not like today, my friend." In the end, I'm not sure if he's addressing himself or Stevie - but one thing's for sure, he wants to "let it go" and end that deadly "pull" that still continues to keep him in FM - and get "a-rolling".


DW speculates:

I believe that this song is probably the last song that Lindsey wrote directly to (or about) Stevie. This was from about 1980/81 and I think this is Lindsey's final summation on the matter of them as a couple and the breakup. Yes, he still dealt with some issues about her after this point and was still concerned about her as a person, but I believe that this is when Lindsey declared the end of his willing participation in what had become their tortured story together. I think the message of the song is that he and his feelings have changed and continue to change, and she may not know it yet, but she's been just as blind to his changes as she claims he was to her's - "Yesterday is not like today my friend." He was bruised and battered by the experience, but he was not broken - "I'm going down/but I'm not going round the bend." Whatever she wants to say about their story now is up to her, but he won't stoke this fire anymore. This statement is not made in anger. In fact, he only refers to her in terms of affection. But it is a statement made with resolve. His life involves other people, dreams, ideas now and the time spent dwelling on her as a romantic figure has run out. Why? Because "love turned to hate/touch turned to pull/what could I do?/ my cup was full. Goodbye Angel."


NIKAYLA speculates:

This song is obviously COMPLETELY about Stevie. And when I say completely, I mean completely. He says "I'm going down" like he's losing. Losing what? Her? His sanity? I think he means he's losing her. "Cause yesterday is not like today my friend" That's like we were together (yesterday) but now we're not (is not like today). He is grieving over the break up, "Love turned to Hate" but he really does still love her. Even today. And when it says "Keep on pulling. Just let it go" It's like he's trying to convince himself that's what he should do. I think even though he tells himself it's through...he still holds on to her. This is a very beautiful song. It has wonderful music and lyrics that empower it even more so!


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