Outside the Rain

Written by S. Nicks

(It's only a dream) (It's only a dream) Outside the rain The heart skips a beat Are you lonely? Creature of the night It's been almost a week Would you love me only? Look at me, for a very long time But not enough to call Love is a word -- I've been trying to find Words don't matter They don't matter at all So you're still lonely You say that it's been forever Maybe you never knew me Maybe you thought that I'd never change But you know I'm changing You're wrong And it's been like dying No love's that hard to find And I'm tired of, and I'm tired of trying And I'm tired of trying (It's only a dream) Maybe it's only a dream (It's only a dream) I don't want to feel that (It's only a dream) Well, it's one more link in the chain, I know (It's only a dream) I don't believe that (It's only a dream) (It's only a dream) Outside the rain And the heart skips a beat So you're lonely Creature of the night It's been almost a week Would you love me only? Look in my eyes Touch my face Baby, there's no one That can take my place Look into my eyes, touch my face Baby, there's no one that can ever replace That heartache Take away that heartache Love is a word that some entertain If you find it You have won the game Somebody said "Outside the rain..."


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song's title recalls Dreams' imagery of rain, except here, the rain isn't washing her clean, she's outside of it. Maybe her point of view is a little different now that a few years have passed. She asks Lindsey, "are you lonely?", again recalling a theme from Dreams. She's also asking, "could you love me only?" I think she's placing herself back in the past, reliving the breakup. She felt Lindsey placed her second to his ambitions and music (see Street Angel)...he didn't love only her, despite his words.

Like in so many of her songs (Landslide, for instance) Stevie states that she's changing despite Lindsey's desire to keep things the same. She can't keep working so hard to maintain their relationship and it shouldn't be that difficult anyway - "no love's that hard to find, and I'm tired of trying." Still, she doesn't want to discount it as a dream, she just wants to count it as part of life... one more link in the chain (obviously, as in The Chain). In a final round of defiance that seems to discredit her claims that she wants to sever ties with Lindsey, she tells him she's irreplaceable (a theme found in many of her songs such as Silver Springs and, on this album, How Still My Love). She ends with the theme of winning that she shares with Lindsey (see Never Going Back Again and Long Distance Winner, for instance) to characterize love. Perhaps she hasn't changed as much as she thinks.


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