Written by S. Nicks; Sung by S. Nicks and L. Buckingham

[Stevie in Gray; Lindsey in Red; Together in Blue]

You think you hear demons I think you are the demon In this place Where the images are born You remember your childhood Aw, in fiery sequences The sun goes down Fillin' the air with color Winds lift you up to God Lift you up to God You fall to your knees You embrace the storm And you no longer care If it's cold or if it's warm You live for the danger Like your passion and your anger You don't let go You like to be twisted by the force You like to be shaken by the wind I know, you know Watching you go is like dying Is like dying Take it to the limit When the winds come up Crazy men, crazy women Cryin' out for love You'd like to save her But you just can't give it up You'd rather be wrapped up In the arms of the storm You'd rather be wrapped up In the arms of the storm Crazy men, crazy women In the arms of the storm And the sun goes down The sun goes down Chasin' down the demons Chasin' down the demons You think you hear demons You think you hear demons Cryin' out for love I think you are the demon Chasin' down the demons The sun goes down Chasin' the demons down The sun goes down You'd rather be wrapped up The sun goes down In the arms of the storm Chasin' down the demons Chasin' down the demons They're cryin' out for love Chasin' the demons down Love Chasin' down the demos The sun goes down

Demo Version Released on Enchanted (1998)

Solo Version Released on 24 Karat Gold (2014)

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

I've seen this movie and while this song works great for the couple in Twister, it works great for Stevie and Lindsey, too. I love that they're singing together in this - for the first time since Tango in the Night. Also, this is a rare back-and-forth song between Lindsey and Stevie where one sings, and then the other sings (the other two duets like this are Frozen Love and When I See You Again). Stevie knows Lindsey is always talking about demons (and he echoes this himself in My Little Demon), but she says he's the one causing his own trouble in that he's chosen the wild lifestyle of fame "in this place where the images are born" and he has to pay the price for it. He's made the trade off: highest highs come with lowest lows.

They both sing on the chorus, which is applicable to both - they both like to be caught up in the wind - the whirlwind of fame. For Lindsey's part, Stevie writes that she indeed likes to "embrace the storm" and be a part of all that passion and pain. That's all part of that addictive fame, whether it's good or bad, "cold or warm".

But it's not just the allure of fame, it's their personalities as well. The whole reason they live like they do is that they crave the intense emotions that they experience as a part of their lifestyle - "the passion and the anger" - and they can't seem to have one without the other. As Lindsey would say, it's "a package deal." But it's worth it to them - they both need that "force" in their life, that rush, that thrill, that drama, even if it "twists" them.

The same goes for their love, so when one of them leaves, it's like "dying." They may be "crazy" to want to live like that, but they still are "crying out for love", even the destructive kind. As long as it's intense, they want it. However, sometimes "true love" takes second place to the other kind of intense passion - the passion for their music. When "you just can't give it up" and it becomes all-important, you lose that true love. It ends with the central theme of the song - they both thrive in their extreme lifestyle; neither are happy unless they're caught in the middle of a maelstrom of emotion.


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