[Disk 1]


Outside the Rain

After the Glitter Fades

Wild Heart

Leather and Lace


Stand Back


Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

Beauty and the Beast

Kind of Woman

If Anyone Falls

One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star

Blue Denim

Bella Donna

[Disc 2]

Edge of Seventeen

Street Angel

Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)

I Sing for the Things

Rooms on Fire

I Can't Wait

Two Kinds of Love

The Highwayman

Rose Garden

Talk to Me


Ooh My Love

Desert Angel

Whole Lotta Trouble

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You

[Disc 3]

Twisted (Demo Version)

Long Distance Winner

Thousand Days

Battle of the Dragon


Free Fallin'

It's Late

Violet and Blue

Whenever I Call You Friend

Sweet Girl

Blue Lamp

Gold and Braid

Reconsider Me

Somebody Stand By Me

Sleeping Angel

Rhiannon (Piano Version)

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