Written by S. Nicks

 You think you hear demons I think we are the demons In this place where the images are born You remember your childhood Oh, in fiery sequences The sun goes down Filling the air with colors and winds That lift you up to God That lift you up to God You fall to your knees You embrace the storm You no longer care If it's cold or if it's warm You live for the danger Like your passion and your anger You don't let go You like to be twisted by the force You like to be shaken by the wind In this game that you play with God You've been warned to retreat You take it to the limit When the winds come up Crazy men, crazy women Crying out for love You'd like to save her But you just can't give it up You'd rather be wrapped up In the arms of the storm You'd rather be wrapped up In the arms of the storm Crazy men and crazy women In the storm And the sun goes down Chasing down the demons You think you hear demons Chasing down the demons Crying out for love You'd rather be wrapped up In the arms of the storm Chasing down the demons

Final Version Recorded with Lindsey Appears on the Twister Soundtrack

Another solo version appears on 24 Karat Gold

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

See Twisted for most of my thoughts on this song. There are some differences worth noting in the demo, though. Notice that the final version's "I think you are the demon" is less accusatory and more sympathic in this original version - "I think we are the demons".

Also, two interesting lines are added to the second chorus - "In this game that you play with God, you've been warned to retreat". These lines accentuate the defiance of the storm-chasing, fame-chasing Stevie and Lindsey. Despite the fact that they know it's dangerous and have been warned to slow down, they still insist on testing the boundaries. In the final version, these words are replaced with the bridge "I know you know watching you go is like dying" - words which are not included here. Finally, in the ending ad libs, much more focus is placed on "crazy men, crazy women" then in the final version, where the focus is placed on "sun goes down".


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