Pre-Impeachment Blues


 Written: E. Tuduri, L. Buckingham, R. Wachtel; Sung: Kathryn & Duffy

 The pre-impeachment blues Pre-impeachment blues Hmmm.... Pre-impeachment blues Hmmm.... Hmmm....

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Hmm.... I suspect that Lindsey's contributions to this song were musical rather than lyrical! A mellow song - don't really know what it has to do with impeachment except maybe to go along with the Nixon theme from the A-side. (Lindsey "I love Clinton" Buckingham probably got a big kick out of that). I don't think this ever appeared on any album, so it's very rare, but I've posted an MP3 of it if you feel like listening to it. However, as you can see from lyrics, it's not too enthralling. The instrumental sections of it aren't so bad, I suppose. I liked Stephanie a lot better, though! By the way, apparently Waddy Wachtel was in on this too (I'm assuming he's R. Wachtel), and it was produced by Keith Olsen, so it was a regular family affair.


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