I'll Tell You Now

Written by L. Buckingham

I stayed at home today Didn't have a lot to say I guess you must wonder why I'll tell you, tell you now I felt the same today The same as always I guess you must wonder why I'll tell you, tell you now Tell, tell you now I'll find someone today Someone who can take my place I guess you must wonder why I'll tell you, tell you now Tell, tell you now


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song is a little vague, but it seems like Lindsey is eager to explain himself, whether to the audience as in Eyes of the World, or to Stevie and FM. Why is he isolating himself from them? He'll tell us now! But he doesn't - what's that about? He just keeps saying he will. Maybe he's saying that he'll tell us, the audience, in all his songs - perhaps even a little self-mockingly. In the same way, he'll tell us about how he feels, even if it's just a repeat of how he's always felt. But then sometimes he just gets tired of it all, and wants to find "someone to take his place." Still, even in saying that, he's going to be there to tell us all about it!


DW speculates:

Lindsey wrote this shortly after Tusk came out and said it was sort of about being deflated after having felt so strong and passionate about something. I'm guessing this is about some of the difficult feelings Lindsey was trying to work through when the rest of the band kind of pointed fingers of blame at him when Tusk didn't sell a gazillion copies like Rumours had. He feels like he should say something and explain something about himself to the others, but he just can't. Maybe because he feels it's futile because they won't understand? Lindsey said in one interview that the song was about dealing with depression and isolation and feelings of weakness . . . "the feeling of needing to communicate but not having the emotional momentum to do so." When the depression takes hold and he can't break free of it, he knows the others don't really understand, but he just needs to hide away for a while to protect himself.


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