Eyes of the World

Written by L. Buckingham

Tellin' you people, tell you no lie My heart was breakin', I'll tell you why Back and forth lies unfurl In the eyes, in the eyes, in the eyes of the world (Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes) Monday's children are filled with face Tuesday's children are filled with grace Back and forth lies unfurl In the eyes, in the eyes, in the eyes of the world (Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes)

Live version appears on Live in Boston (2004)

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This song offers some insight on how Lindsey feels having his love life broadcast "in the eyes of the world." Not to mention the fact that he doesn't feel Stevie is telling the whole story - and her "lies unfurl" and give us, the audience, the wrong impression. Lindsey, on the other had, "will tell you no lie."

I don't really know about the second verse - was Stevie born on a Monday? But the chorus is pretty clear. Lindsey doesn't like his ex-girlfriend telling stories on him! While Lindsey didn't write It Was I, he chose to cover it, and it expresses a very similar frustration. I've often wondered how awkward it must be to sing about one's relationship with the other person right there, and probably not very happy about it! Nevertheless, they got some of their best songs out of that, so I'm glad they remained undeterred.

By the way, the opening chords of this song that are repeated throughout remind me so much of Stephanie on Buckingham Nicks that I have to wonder if it was done deliberately. It that was the case, considering the tenor of this song.....COLD, Lindsey, COLD. But clever! However, perhaps it wasn't deliberate. The beginning notes of Christine's song "Wish You Were Here" on this same album remind me a whole heck of a lot of the opening of Silver Springs, so maybe they were both just a coincidence. Maybe.

Editorial note: I dislike this song, but when I heard a live version I actually liked it well enough. This puzzled me until I realized what the difference was: The "Eyes...eyes...eyes...eyes..eyes...eyes" part was minimized in the live version. Those totally kill the song, like the "someone oughttas" that are repeated too often in The Ledge. Just my opinion, of course, but isn't all of this really just my opinion?


IRIS speculates:

I think that the Monday and Tuesday reference reflects the idea of time. Monday is the day before Tuesday. Stevie is one year older than Lindsey. Stevie told the story of their relationship before he did. The world might of heard from her first but she is full of "face". Now, it's his time to speak and he is the one who is going to tell them the truth, not her.


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