It Was I

Written by Gary Paxton

You're telling everybody I'm the one To blame for all the wrong that you have done The day that you walked out and left Didn't say goodbye Who was left alone to sit and cry? It was I It was I I gave you everything I ever had The only things I got from you were bad The times you didn't show up The times you didn't call Who was left alone with it all? It was I It was I My love was always yours To treasure and to hold If you let a love go by It will soon grow cold Temptation is too strong to hide Are you really satisfied With my love the way it is? Let me tell you how it is So please come back and try to start anew I know that it's the proper thing to do Darlin', if we make up I know we'll never break up Then I know it's only me and you Me and you Me and you


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

Lindsey didn't write this song, but I bet when he first heard it he was hopping up and down yelling, "Amen, brother!" It is so applicable to his frustrations with Stevie that I bet he couldn't wait to cover it. SHE left HIM, but she keeps trying to put it off on him (Silver Springs and Dreams, for instance). He can't believe she's claiming that when HE's the one who suffered, HE'S the one who wanted her to come back and got shafted, HE was "left alone to sit and cry." He wanted so badly to "give her everything" (see Go Your Own Way) but she returned bad for good. She "left [him] alone with it all." Because of this, even though he loved her, her shabby treatment of him made that love "grow cold". The only love she'll allow is some far-off yearning, which is so unsatisfying to him he can't believe that she's satisfied with it.

Well, even if she's going to lie (Eyes of the World), Lindsey's going to "tell you how it is"! At the end, though, there's hope - the songwriter knows that if he and his girl get back together, they can still be happy. This hopeful ending is the big clue that Lindsey didn't write the song! Still, as I said before, I know he was singing it with feeling!


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