Cathouse Blues

Written by S. Nicks

I got the cathouse blues I wear the high hats, the high-heeled shoes Woah, woah, darlin', it's hard to be surrounded Where the women are lazy and the men are rude I got the catwalk, don't talk blues I creep on cat's feet, don't speak loose Yourself in velvet, forget we ever met I got the closed in, cathouse blues Blue-grey eyes that say "I guess you don't remember I guess that I was younger" Touche, the cat sleeps alone Sleeps only in the sun But she'll awake at night and she'll be gone Singin' the cathouse blues I need some new red velvet shoes I'm still a dreamer's fancy They say I'm pretty classy I'm just a feline silky cat come true I'm just a feline silky cat come true I'm just a feline silky cat come true, yeah

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This is such a fun, bluesy song, but even so it still has a little bit of melancholy to it (as all blues should!) She starts out almost self-deprecating, talking about the "high hats and high-heeled shoes" she's always wearing, surrounded by lazy women and rude men! Hmm! She's feeling pretty claustrophobic (those studios probably get a little confining after a while). Then we get to the famous blue-grey eyes that have inspired so many songs (like Blue Denim, for instance). She says that Lindsey thinks she must not remember what love is, what it was like when they were both younger and adored each other....and she says that she indeed is lonely now, but she'll recover.."she'll awake at night and she'll be gone," getting herself some new shoes to boot! And there's nothing like a new pair of shoes to cheer a gal up and get rid of the blues!


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