Dial the Number

Lyrics written by S. Nicks; Music by Kenny G.

Understanding what it is that is happening And what it is, and what it is not Ooh, we can see the dreams before they see us We can hold them deep within our hearts Sometimes she's a fool but you want that feeling It is sad, it is earth-shattering Even just a look makes her turn away With the feeling Dial the number Dial the number Dial the number Dial the number What would I do, well? Where were you when I needed you? My broken-hearted promises are broken now Even just a smile, it makes her turn away It was not another lover God knows that I tried Always searching for that feeling You know that it lies waiting somewhere It goes deep into the soul-defying places of the heart Dial the number Dial the number Ooh, of the heart... Dial the number Dial the number You have one, maybe two days Dial the number You have one, maybe two days Two, maybe three days Dial the number You have one, maybe two days One, maybe two days...


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

I think in this song is talking about Stevie and Lindsey trying to deal with each other after their breakup. They seem to be hanging on a bit, they haven't cut the cord entirely. Sometimes I get the feeling that part of the reason it was so hard for them was that lack of closure. In this song, the connection still exists... to "get that feeling" all he has to do is call her up... and I think the feeling is mutual. Still, it's hard for her to deal with Lindsey on another level than the romantic one. She can't even seem to handle Lindsey being friendly and smiling at her, I guess because it makes her remember when he smiled at her differently.

She talks about there not being another lover, again emphasizing that it wasn't a simple matter of cheating or throwing him over for another. The break-up was far more complex and, because of that complexity, harder to understand and define when or even if it was indeed really over. Stevie indicates her reluctance to give up with her assurance that "God knows that I tried." She still seems to want him to come to her....and she keeps extending the deadline....it seems like she's hoping he will keep that connection with her, he will still "dial the number."

Frankly, this puzzles me, as we all know Stevie left Lindsey, and if she was trying to keep him connected to her, that seems kind of unfair to him. He has implied as much in songs like The Ledge and Goodbye Angel - she'd push and pull him, trying to keep him on a string. Of course, maybe I'm just totally off the mark in my speculations! But that's never stopped me before!


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