Doesn't Anything Last?

Written by L. Buckingham

The last time I saw her She didn't have anything to say That hurt Love has a funny way of turnin' things around Doesn't anything last? It was not so long ago that she loved me She tried, but she couldn't understand Oh, no And time has a f unny way of breakin' down a man Doesn't anything last?

WEBMISTRESS speculates:

This isn't really a Rumours song per se in that is a released demo included in the reissue bonus disc. As such, it's hard to speculate on such a little snippet. However, it's not hard to imagine Lindsey as the heart-broken man who's lost the love he thought would last forever, and Stevie as the one who just couldn't understand.


NIKAYLA speculates:

"Doesn't Anything Last?" is obviously a song about Stevie and how Lindsey grieved for her after they split. "It was not so long ago that she loved me" It hadn't been very long since they had been together. "She tried, but she couldn't understand" he knows she tried to stay and tried to make it work out but she couldn't understand why he wanted it to last. She had her own reasons. Doesn't Love Last? "Doesn't Anything Last?"


JESSICA speculates:

I LOVE this song. I think this is one of the most personal LB songs. He doesn't usually write "sad" songs as much as angry songs. You can totally picture the scene he's describing. "The last time I saw her" is like the last time they were in the studio after they had broken up. Stevie didn't "have anything to say" because she was done with LB. He comes right out and admits that it hurt that she was able to move on so fast. He also says that she "couldn't understand." Stevie has said in several songs that LB is hard to understand and only she knew how (She Loves Him Still, Blue Denim, etc), but LB doesn't think that even she can understand him. This song could almost be called "Lindsey's Lament" or something. It's a real shame that they never finished and released it. Maybe LB felt it was too personal and only let it out now since they're "getting back in touch" with their old feelings and settling differences lately...


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