Rumours Reissue

[Disc 1]

 Second Hand News


Never Going Back Again

Don't Stop

Go Your Own Way


Silver Springs

The Chain

You Make Loving Fun

I Don't Want to Know

Oh Daddy

Gold Dust Woman

[Disc 2]

 Second Hand News (Rough Outtake)

Dreams (Rough Outtake)

Brushes (Never Going Back Again)

Don't Stop (Rough Outtake)

Go Your Own Way (Rough Outtake)

Songbird (Rough Outtake)

Silver Springs (Outtake)

You Make Loving Fun

Gold Dust Woman #1 (Rough Outtake)

Oh Daddy

Think About It (Demo)

Never Going Back Again (Early Demo)

Planets of the Universe (Demo)

Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)

Gold Dust Woman (Early Demo)

Doesn't Anything Last

Mic The Screecher

For Duster (The Blues)


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