Mirror, Mirror


Written by S. Nicks

Ooh... And as all this comes to an end So go the lilies of the valley From this hour on Brilliant is your danger From that moment on From that moment on Darker than the image on the wall Is the fear of it all Mirror... Sometimes you're frightened And you don't know why But there's been a few things that I Know you really loved a lot Then one day In your bright blue sky You never did say why to me, why You must know He said, "No, not really..." Some of us will Some of us will never see the light Some of us will only say "Oh, well I don't want to fight about it" Then one day in your bright blue sky You really fall in love And he never did say no to you, did he? He said, "See ya!" Mirror, mirror Mirror, mirror Mirror, mirror Ooh...ooh... Memories fade like the wind Oh, and you say, "No, this will never come again" Who can tell? Oh well... She says, "Well, I think that you walk a thin line Walk a thin line..." She says, "You must know" He says, "No, not really" Then there are the things The misunderstandings Well, I know there's a lot of things that you That you really loved a lot But one thing that I really wanted I really wanted you This will leave you haunted in your mirror


WEBMISTRESS speculates:

I think Stevie is writing here about the end of her relationship with Lindsey. It "comes to an end" but the worse thing about it is the "fear." He gets frightened for no reason that she can see (I'm So Afraid), and even he doesn't seem to know why. She knows he loves a very few things, one of which is music, but he can't explain anything else to her. The relationship is full of aviodance and fighting, but it's also full of real love. However, instead of resolving their differences, he just ignores them - he doesn't "want to fight", he says "see ya!" instead. When it ends, he doesn't think it will ever "come again," but Stevie is more hopeful. You never know!

She understands that he has to "walk a thin line" - after all, he's said so himself (see Walk a Thin Line), and that he's on edge. Still, she also thinks that he must know why their relationship ended. He says, "No, not really..." - he never understood why everything turned around. Stevie never really explains either, she just attributes it to "a lot of things...misunderstandings" but states that he was the "one thing I really wanted." Knowing that she did want him will be the thing that haunts him the most, because that implies he could have done something to keep her.


DEIRDRE speculates:

I have some speculatin' to do about Mirror, Mirror- which I had always thought was such a scattered song....I was reading through an astrology book and came across some interesting info- we all know Stevie is a Gemini ( she talks about it in interviews and wrote a Fritz song called Amber about it) and we also know that she refers to herself as 'Lily" - well I read in this book that the Gemini flower is the 'lily of the valley' so when Stevie sings " As all this comes to an end- so goes the lily of the valley' she is talking about herself walking away from her relationship... I thought that was pretty clever-

Also when she says " some us will never see the light" I think it refers to 'No Light' ( aka Planets of the Universe) as in how much pain she was in over the end of her and Linsday.

AND ( here is my last little thought on this) the 'haunted in your mirror' line refers back to Beauty and the Beast imagery... in that story whenever beauty looks into the magic mirror she could see how tortured, sad, and alone the beast was - she could see him unguarded. I feel that line was her way of saying the knowledge that I really wanted you but you didnt make it ok for me to do/or say so (that I wanted you and we didnt work out) haunts you - and whenever you look to me or are alone you will see this and remember it.


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