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Italicized songs are performed by Stevie and Lindsey alone; the rest are as part of Fleetwood Mac unless otherwise noted

* Red Asterisk indicates a song sung by Stevie
* Green Asterisk indicates a song sung by Lindsey
** Both Asterisks together indicate a song sung by both
No Asterisk indicates an instrumental

 Released Songs


*Beautiful Child

*Big Love

*Bleed to Love Her

*Blue Letter

*Book of Love

Book of Miracles

*Can't Go Back


*The Chain


*Cool Water

*Crying in the Night


*Destiny Rules


*Doesn't Anything Last?

*Don't Let Me Down Again

*Don't Stop

*Down Endless Street


*Empire State

*Everybody Finds Out

*Eyes of the World

*Family Man

**The Farmer's Daughter


**Frozen Love

*Go Your Own Way

*Gold Dust Woman

*Goodbye Angel

*Goodbye Baby


*Hold Me

**I Don't Want to Know

*I Know I'm Not Wrong


*I'm So Afraid

*It Takes Time

**Kiss and Run


*The Ledge

*Lola My Love

*Long Distance Winner

*Love Minus Zero/No Limit

*Make Me a Mask


*Miss Fantasy

*Monday Morning

*Murrow Turning Over In His Grave

*My Little Demon

*Never Going Back Again

*No Questions Asked

*Not Make Believe

*Not That Funny

*Oh Diane

*Oh Well

*Paper Doll


*Races Are Run

*Red Rover


*Rhiannon (Live 1980)

*Rhiannon (The Dance)

*Running Through the Garden

*Sad Angel


*Sara (Live 1980)

*Save Me a Place

*Say Goodbye

*Say You Will

*Second Hand News

*Seven Wonders

*Silver Girl

*Silver Springs

*Sisters of the Moon

*Smile At You

*Steal Your Heart Away



*Straight Back

*Sweet Girl

*Tango in the Night

*Teen Beat

*That's All for Everyone

*That's Alright

*That's Enough for Me

*Thrown Down



*Walk a Thin Line

*Welcome to the Room...Sara

*What Makes You Think You're the One?

*What's the World Coming To?

**When I See You Again

*Without a Leg to Stand On

**Without You

*World Turning

*You and I, Part I

*You and I, Part II


 Unreleased Songs

*Blue Monday

**Born to Be Wild (with Fritz)

**Do You Wanna Dance

*Empty Shell (with Fritz)

*Farewell Failure

**Flames of Frustration (with Fritz)

*Georgia (with Fritz)

*Green Manalishi (Live 1975)

*Heartbreaker (Circles in Time)

*Hypnotized (Live 1975)

**I've Been Loving You Too Long

*In the Dawn (with Fritz)

*Louisa Joy (with Fritz)

*Product of the Times

*Station Man (Live 1975)

*What the World Needs Now (with Fritz)

*Wondering Why (with Fritz)

*You Don't Get Young Anymore (with Fritz)

*You Won't Forget Me



 Other Songs

Lindsey helped write, plays guitar, and sings backup with Stevie on:

Isn't It Midnight




Lindsey and Stevie sing backup on:

When I Get My Wheels [Walter Egan]


Lindsey plays guitar and Stevie sings backup on:

Behind the Mask

The Blonde in the Blue T-Bird [Walter Egan]

Feel So Good [Walter Egan]

Finally Found a Girlfriend [Walter Egan]

Gold [John Stewart]

Just the Wanting [Walter Egan]

Midnight Wind [John Stewart]

Star in the Dust [Walter Egan]

Tunnel O'Love [Walter Egan]


Lindsey plays guitar and both Lindsey and Stevie sing backup on:

Magnet and Steel [Walter Egan]

Mohammed's Radio [Warren Zevon]

Only the Lucky [Walter Egan]

Won't You Say You Will [Walter Egan]

Yes I Guess I Am [Walter Egan]


Songs written about Lindsey and Stevie (not by each other)

Hot Summer Nights [Walter Egan]


Songs (allegedly) written about Lindsey and Stevie (not by each other):

Life in the Fast Lane [The Eagles]

These Strange Times [Fleetwood Mac, sans Lindsey and Stevie]